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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

F.O.B #13: Knitter, Do YOU Believe in Santa Claus?

F.O.B #13 (and you'll notice my introductions get shorter and shorter- this 20 days of blogging, not easy ya'll) asks: What, as a mature, rational adult, do you still believe beyond all fact and reason? For me, these are a few:

13. Thinking about exercise and actually exercising are equally beneficial.

12. It's OK to get an ipod wet.

11. The Colts' defense is not a disaster.

10. When we drive through a car garage, if I duck my head, the car won't scrape the ceiling.

9. Credit cards are play money.

8. There WILL be enough yarn to finish.

7. I am coordinated.

6. The trip from Chicago to Knoxville by car CAN be done in under eight hours.

5. If I buy it on sale, even if I have no use for it at all, I'm saving money.

4. Chocolate is good for you. All chocolate, any kind, in any amount (really, I just wish I believed this).

3. Stuffed animals have feelings.

2. Dumbledore is JUST FINE.

1. There's plenty of time to finish all these heah Christmas gifts.

Sad to say, this list is true.

Our great FOBber Brooke is off for a few days, while they take her gorgeous boy to the hospital for some tests and an overnight stay. I thought- being not only a Neighbor, but also a Bossy Knitter- it would be nice if anyone who comes to this here blog wanted to stop by her site and leave some words of encouragement. I think we can all agree- either having been the child or the parent- it is no fun at a hospital. So drop her a line- let her know what great readers ya'll are and how much we appreciate her!


Blogger Ann said...

I completely agree with number one. I mean, I get tired just thinking about exerciseing, so thinking about it must be doing something.

1:55 PM  
Blogger Brooke said...

Hello! I'm kind of back, but haven't had a chance to blog- hopefully later tonight- Eli is doing OK, we're home, and I just thought of a few ideas for the F.O.B. if you'd like some suggestions- I'll fill you in on the hospital details later on the blog :)

For some reason, you've taken on the roll of Command Central during the F.O.B., so I figured I'd touch base with ya :P

2:00 PM  

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