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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Notice Any Changes?

I fully intended to at least mention this before making the official change over in the sidebar there. For particularly astute readers (like Barbara- hi Barbara! Really hope you're well!), you might have seen my location has changed from dear old Greensboro, NC back home to Knoxberg, Tennis Shoe, as Mom would call it when I was little.
Yup. Besides being pregnant these last many months, I've also been moving. Not actually moving the entire time. The month of March I stayed put in North Carolina, packing, and The Hubba lived with the family in Knoxville, as his company is ridiculously speedy about transfers, and on weekends we went back and forth, him coming to pack the NC house, me coming to TN to look for a house here... Exactly as much fun as it sounds.
Actually, that's not true. Maybe not the course I would recommend, but that's us. We get pregnant, look at each other and ask the question: So where do you REALLY want to live?
The odd thing is, even as I write that, I laugh and think, that's right, that's us. Maybe it should bother me, but (most of the time) it doesn't. Sure, there's some discomfort along the ride, but I must say, the payoff continues to amaze me. To make a decision based on what you want and follow it through- even where there are so many who insist, the timing's terrible, where's your planning, why have a baby now, why make this move now, ARE you the most irresponsible person ever- to feel the rightness of your desire in your belly, to see it in the eyes of the person you love and to know, this is the absolutely the Next Step and to do it, that's empowering. Not always smooth, not always easy, a bit bumpy, but empowering.
OK, more than a bit bumpy. I have had my afternoon sobs, repeating the very questions people- no doubt in an effort to be helpful- dear to us have severely asked. I have had days where I thought- well, that's it, I'm done, I'm turning in my card to the human race. I'm just going to sit here, in this bed, at two in the afternoon, reading Shopaholic and Baby for the twelfth thousand time and I'm not getting up until all of this is DONE and DECIDED and YOU can't make me change my mind. Most days like that, I do well to keep others out of it. Sometimes Mum Knitter or The Hubba got dragged into it. Still, in the length of a week, or a month, or a lifetime, those days were far fewer than the good ones- the days of excitement, expectation, joy.
And now we're here. Oh, we're far and away from settled. At the moment, a whole new family is settling into our old house, we and two dogs are at Mum Knitter's, along with all our worldly goods (all packed ramshackle into her garage) and Wally and Barkley are hanging at the kennel until the right house comes down the road to us. I'd love it to be tomorrow, or better yet, today, but in the meantime, there's having a cozy bed to sleep in, having at least two dogs to cuddle, waking up with The Hubba every morning, having this healthy baby romping around in my tummy, afternoons trawling Knoxville with Mum Knitter, lunches with Pops Knitter, baby blankets to knit, birthing classes, walks to take, old friends to get back in touch, old friends to stay in touch with...
I hope all you lovely people in Internetland are well. I hope to stay in better (i.e. more consistent) contact. There's so much to be excited about it!
Sending lots of Knoxville with the power of North Carolina best wishes to you all.

And if you happen to hear of a 3 bed, 2 bath home with a fenced yard and maybe the perfect place for a baby, do let me know...


Sunday, April 13, 2008

So Other News...

I'm back blogging. Really. Truly. I mean it this time. I'm a blogger who once again blogs.
As a blogger who blogs, I've thought about possible blogging material. What's going on? What's new, what's happening, something I might report back to the Internet? Hmm... something to report.
Dogs are good! Dave Matthews Band is still together! I'm pregnant! Spring is here! What? What was that?
Thought I'd try to slip that by you, you clever readers! The Hubba and I are expecting a baby! Have been, actually, for a little while. About six months along. Six months by pregnancy math, which, if anyone is interested, is my kind of math in that it's a lot more fluid and fluctuating than other types of math. Somehow 40 weeks of pregnancy fits into nine months of the year. I don't get how, but I like it anyway.
So I'm six months and a bit pregnant and due at the start of August and baby's healthy and I'll answer the two questions we've been asked the most:
No, we're not going to find out the baby's gender.
No, neither of us feels at all suicidal over the question of what color to paint the nursery, or the number of yellow and green onesies we can expect in the upcoming months.
Seriously, the response we've had to the announcement we're not finding out the baby's sex is startling. It would make a person wonder how anyone ever lived before he or she could find out a baby's gender. How did we, as a culture, survive? Are people of my generation and earlier permanently scarred by the number of yellow and green outfits we had to to wear? Because, I'm getting the feeling the only more traumatic thing we could do to our soon-to-be-born offspring is go ahead with some random body piercings and maybe a few Angelina Jolie-esque tattoos done right there in the delivery room. Having many friends who didn't find out the baby's sex, I had no idea this was such a divisive issue. The majority of people want to know, have to know, no wonder the economy's in the state it's in- it's punishment for The Hubba and I not finding out the baby's gender!
OK, perhaps I exaggerate a bit. And lots of people are actually very supportive of it. But I admit, The Hubba and I have shared a laugh or two over the horror expressed by those of the Find-Out-the-Baby's-Gender-Before-We-Perish School of Thought.
I think I'll leave the World of the Internet with that thought tonight. We're pregnant! We're not finding out the baby's sex! Get used to it!
We are awfully excited. Excited and happy enough I won't even try to find some cute closing comment.
Except to maybe rock your world with the knowledge, I'd put a girl in blue. And not even flinch.