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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I've Moved!

Figuratively this time! Neighborknitter is now HERE.

In the last few weeks, with my interests shifting rapidly and wildly, I started to contemplate a whole new blog (feel free to burst into an altered Aladdin- "a whoooole neeew blog... a brand-new page on which to tyyyype"- you parents know of that which I sing). I did it, wrote a few posts and it feels like it just might stick. I warn you now, this one has little to do with knitting. Lots more chatter and coffee talk and deep thoughts by Neighborknitter. If that doesn't sell you, it also has lots more pictures of Dory and even a recent one of The Hubba (henceforth to be known as Matthew) and I from last Halloween. Good, good stuff, people.

Again, the new blog is here and goes by the name Good Mama Mojo.

So a big, huge sincere thanks for all the Neighborknitter support. I hope my readers- those few, dedicated folks- do come over and check the new site out.

I've not entirely given up on Neighborknitter. Yet. I think this was one interesting little site, with lots of good stories and lots of good pictures particularly of a few dogs I know. I just think, well, life's gotten bigger, so the blog should too. And IF Neighborknitter is done and I do stop posting knitting pics, I WILL start posting them over on my new blog.

If I ever actually finish any of these projects...


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