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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Remember the M-D dishcloth I stopped blogging to finish?

Well here it is!

Not a whit of progress. I've been busy not knitting, verra, verra busy. I have, you see, gone and gotten myself a job. A busy job, a not-ideal job (re: not in a yarn store) and spending my entire work afternoon knitting is no longer an option. Sad state of affairs, isn't it?

I don't mean this. I'm actually really pleased to be out, amongst the humans, again. After spending all of May with no crucial reason to go out, I've realized some kind of work is necessary. Otherwise, the dogs might start answering.

(Can anyone guess what's behind Door Number One?)

So I'm out in the big, bad world of, er, people, and it's been great. But busy! And not conducive to whenever-I-please-knitting. Which is why I am, again, going to stop blogging, and go knit. And probably try to catch up on my Knitty Gritty. We're in the double digits of unwatched shows. This can't be good.

I promise not to bring myself back until I have an honest-to-goodness knitted item to show. Particularly this fairly quick dishcloth. Or the Really Beautiful thing I'm about two rows and blocking away from finishing. Something. I will not come back to blogging empty-pictured.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hello Again

"It's been too long/too long, too long/ hello again." Dave Matthews Band, "Hello Again" Stand Up

I could use Dave throughout this post. Such as I have So Much to Say or Everyday has been wildly busy and The Space Between posts is truly shameful.

There's lots I've got to show and tell (including probably my favorite knit item yet and news about Dave), and I could Stay (Wasting Time), but right now I'd rather be knitting.

So I give you these.

One finished Washcloth from M-D Knitting:

and one in progress.

Also, Lie in Our Graves. If you follow the link you can listen to the entire song off The Hubba's website. You can, in fact, listen to many live DMB songs on The Hubba's site, but if you only listen to ONE Dave song today, make it Lie in Our Graves. It's just about my favorite, it strongly highlights the talents of our buddy Boyd (the most talented violinist ever) and our soon to be buddy Butch (the most talented pianist ever). This song is DMB at their Smuckers jammiest and you will have a better day by listening to it*. So, if you get a moment, do, good friend, do.

Also #41, which is such a close second favorite for me and has some of the loveliest lyrics my ears have ever had the good fortune to hear.

If I don't stop now, I'll keep talking about them and never get to my knitting (The Space Between, Crush, Best of What's Around- my three other favorites that'sallI'mgoingtosay).

*This statement is not fact, and has not been blahblah cannot be guaranteed yaddayaddayadda not the views held by etcetcetc except that I'm 100% sure you will have a better day if you do listen to it.

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